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Saturday April 21, 2018 is Record Store Day on Long island

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When you hear about record store day, do you get as excited as we do at Bethpage Taxi And Airport Service? I hope so, because this is the one time you can support local grass roots musical community on Long Island, which has been rapidly disappearing on Long Island for the past decade or so. Long Island used to be a major music hub with places like My Fathers Place in Roslyn, PWAC in Bay Shore, The Local 7 in Farmingdale and Saints and Sinners in Smithtown. Those places have dried up since the advent of digital music and downloads in the past 10 years or so. Record store day is a day to shop locally at small record stores on Long Island and find new music off the recomendation of local music fans such as yourself. Do yourself a favor and hire Bethpage Taxi and Airport Service to drive you tomorrow to all the local record stores on Long Island to see for yourself why Record Store Day is among the most important days of the year for a music fan!

Blue Point Brewery Cask Ales Festival Tomorrow!

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Tomorrow is the annual Blue Point Cask Ales festival at Blue Point Brewery in Patchogue NY 11772. This festival has been growing in popularity in  recent years and you can now get round trip transportation to this great festival with Bethpage Taxi And Airport Service! Call us today if you live in Bethpage NY 11714, Old Bethpage NY 11804, Hicksville NY 11801, Farmingdale NY 11735, Seaford NY 11783, Massapequa NY 11758 or Levittown NY 11756 to book your round trip taxi ride to this great fetival. It goes from 2pm to 6pm and tickets are selling fast!

Airport Transportation Spring Break

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Its spring break and were all gearing up for vacation. If you are in Bethpage NY 11714 or the surrounding towns, you owe it to yourself to get away and fly somewhere. There are three area airports closest to Bethpage and Old Bethpage including JFK International Airport, LaGuardia Airport and Long Island MacArthur Airport located in Islip. You can hail a cab in Bethpage NY 11714 to drive you to any airport you may need to go to, either call in advance or get your ride to the airport ASAP, either way when you call Bethpage Taxi And Airport Service, you will be riding to the airport in style!

Spring Break Vacation 2018, Rides to the Airport

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Bethpage Taxi And Airport Service wishes you all a happy Passover and Easter in 2018. As you all know, this is the height of the travel time for the year, so when you book your airline tickets, make sure you reserve reliable transportation from Bethpage NY 11714, Old Bethpage NY 11804, Plainview NY 11803, Melville NY 11747, Farmingdale NY 11735, Plainedge NY 11758, Seaford NY 11783, Levittown NY 11756 and Hicksville NY 11801 with your local taxi service in Bethpage. You will be happy with the promptness and professionalism we instill in our taxi drivers. You can even reserve your ride home from the airport with Bethpage Taxi And AIrport Service, as we do offer round trip transportation

Bethpage Community

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Bethpage is a great community to live in and do business in. We offer special discounts for police officers, fire fighters, military and senior citizens for using our taxi service. Not just limited to local rides in Bethpage but we service,_New_York" target="_blank">Old Bethpage, Farmingdale, Levittown, Hicksville, Plainedge and Plainview! Call today at 516-652-2353 and see how giving us your business can benefit you.

Sunday March 4 2018 - The 27th Annual Saint Patrick's Day Parade in Downtown Bethpage

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Every year, the first Sunday in March is the" target="_blank">Saint Patrick's Day Parade in Downtown Bethpage. This event will feature the Free Players Drum Corps. The parade begins at noon and it celebrates everything Irish on Long Island, which is quite a bit. The Mass at Saint Martin of Tours begins at 1pm followed by the one mile long Parade from Central Ave to Stewart Ave to Burkhardt Ave to Broadway right back down to the reviewing stand. The after parties shall be located at" target="_blank">BK Sweeny's Parkside Pub at 358 Broadway in Bethpage NY 11714, The Campagne House across the street and at Jackie Reilly's Bar on Hempstead Turnpike in Bethpage. The festivities will continue all day long, so get there early and get home safe using Bethpage Taxi And Airport Service or all your transportation needs!

LaGuardia Terminal B pickup procedures

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Due to construction at Terminal B at Lauardia Airport, no licensed taxi service, limousine service or car service may pickup at that terminal. Andrew Cuomo put this law in place to give unfair advantage to terrorism how uber using uninsured and unlicensed vehicles in exchange for the $10,000,000 the Uber Terrorists slipped him under the table. It is the real Americans that have to pay for this curruption now. 

Since August 2017, the only place that licensed and insured taxi services from Long Island may pickup is the Terminal B car service pickup area. It is only accessable by getting onto the Green Route Shuttle Bus at ground transportation. The fine for a" target="_blank">licensed and insured taxi driver picking up in Terminal B is over $2,000 and that is only after the car gets out of Impound. Bethpage Taxi And Airport Service adheres to all local laws of any area we pickup our passengers, so our best practices is to ask our clients to get onto the Green Route Shuttle Bus so we can pick you up. This takes less than 5 minutes, but it is time enough to tell all the people you meet on the Green Route Bus about the fact that you will be riding home with Bethpage Taxi And Airport Service, not" target="_blank">terrorists. Fellow Long Islanders will be pleased that you are riding with a" target="_blank">local taxi service and not some international security breach waiting to happen. People will also be pleased to hear about how the taxi service in Bethpage NY has improved since they may have last rode in a" target="_blank">taxi on Long Island.

Airport Pickup Procedures

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When you book an airport ride with Bethpage Taxi And Airport Service, it is always advisable to book your return trip as well. Not only will this save you time and stress, but you can rest assured that when you book your return trip, your taxi will be awaiting you at the airport, not the other way around. Too many times have we heard that in the past when the Taxi Company located next to the Bethpage train station on Stewart Ave, All Seasons Taxi or All Island Taxi had their taxi drivers leave the Bethpage/ Nassau County area to drive to your pickup at the airport only after you landed and got your luggage. This we know is a waste of your time and inefficient use of our precious driver resources. The whole point of you booking a round trip taxi service with Bethpage Taxi And Airport Service is to have your taxi cab driver waiting for you at the airport at the time you land. Here are the ways we ensure a prompt pickup at the airport for you

1- we never enter your return trip into our database without first onfirming the airline and flight number only on the return trip with you before finalizing your cab reservation. If we need to ask you to take a screenshot and e-mail it to us, you can do so by e-mailing it to The dispatchers are professionally trained to see the correct airline and flight information for accurate pickup times

2-Bethpage Taxi And Airport Service uses state of the art flight tracking software to ensure your taxi will be waiting for you at the time of your landing. If you land early, we will be notified and have your taxi cab waiting for you aead of time. If your plane is landing late, we will also mnitor. The goal is to make efficient use of your cab that you pre-reserved. 

3- at the time of your landing, you should receive a taxi message or a voice mail from your driver alerting you that your taxi is waiting for you outside the airport, and you should call when you land and then again once you have retreived yoru luggage and are walking out to ground transportation

4- only when the driver is in full knowelege that you are waiting outside for your cab does he pull into the airport terminal for fast, efficient curbside pickup, aided exclusively with your cell phone. You must have your cell phone out and ready for the driver to pull into terminal, as he may not do so otherwise. Due to airport security rules, driver may not even sit in the airport terminal for 30 seconds before getting booted out by traffic control or security.

5- for those without a cell phone, the only way to get picked up at the airport is via inside pickup. Inside pickup at any airport other than Islip Airport starts at $125 plus airport parking. Inside pickups must be prepaid in advance with cash only. This is to ensure your driver gets the right passenger

6- As with any area's taxi Service, drivers may not solicit at the airport. It is illegal to do so. There is usually airport security, Port Authority Police Officers or Taxi & Limousine Commission monitoring for this and failure to comply on the drivers end will result of that driver's termination. You should only know that your driver at Bethpage Taxi And Airport Service will contact you via cell phone and mention that he or she is from Bethpage Taxi And Airport Service, not any other taxi, limousine, or transportation service

Cheap Taxi Service from Bethpage to LaGuardia

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When you need a taxi to LaGuardia Airport from Bethpage NY 11714, you should always call Bethpage Taxi And Airport Service ahead of time to ensure prompness and professionalism in your pickup. You should allow 3 hours from he pickup at your house in Bethpage NY 11714 or Old Bethpage NY 11804 and the time your flight is scheduled to depart. You should also note, that due to the construction in and around LGA airport, you should leave extra time to navigate the airport terminal itself, as what you may remember being there is now moved. This is Governor Andrew Cuomo's plan to revitalize LaGuardia to help it compete with other airports from around the globe. When you check your bags in, you must make sure you removed everything from the taxi that you rode in, plenty of times when we drop off passengers at LaGuardia, the time is so tight up against the next taxi ride our drivers must do, that the only way we have to get your lost item back to you is to merely drop it off at your house, which can be nerve racking when you have a flight and a trip to go on

Taxi Service from Bethpage to JFK

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Book a taxi service from Bethpage NY 11714 to drive you to JFK. Base fare $75, upgrade your yellow cab or uber style sedan to a crossover or minivan, add $20, upgrade your yellow cab, or uber/lyft style sedan to a full sized SUV (Cehevrolet Suburban, Ford Expedition, GMC Yukon XL) $40, upgrade your full sized SUV to a large 14 passenger van $60 from the SUV taxi price. Bethpage Taxi and Airport Service recommends 2 1/2 hours to leave before a JFK domestic flight, 3 hours to leave before a Laguardia flight, 3 1/2 hours to leave before a JFK international flight, 4 1/2 hour before a Newark Liberty Airport Domestic Flight and 5 1/2 hours before a Newark Liberty Airport International flight. You should put the 24 hour taxi service phone number for Bethpage NY 11714 on speed dial on your cell phone to book a taxi service fast, whereever you are, and however you may do so. Waiting until the last minute can always be stressful, so allow Bethpage Taxi And Airport Service to take care of all the airport transportation for you ahead of schedule so you can think about the other things related to your trip!