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Top 5 Ways You're Getting Ripped Off By Uber

Posted by on January 13, 2018 at 6:20 PM

We have all heard about this popular rideshare/technologyt/errorist app, and heard of the many ways people are getting suckered into it. Here are 5 ways you can really help decide if you want to book a taxi or ride in an uber;

1- When you book uber X and the driver knows full well hes getting" target="_blank">ripped off so he re-classifies your ride as an uber XL. That almost doubles the fare on you. The money you thought you'd be saving in a taxi cab was just wasted because the uber driver is clearly being sneaky trying to weasel every last dime out of you. The best case scenario is to call your local taxi cab service, that way the dispatcher quotes you the fare (and in most cases texts you the confirmation), the cab driver collects cash at the start of ride and everything else oes smoothly.

2- The mystery mess- when you ride in an uber late at night and wonder why the fare was so low and how the driver ccould possibly be making money off this, he truly isn't. That's becasue uber does not have the infrastructure to [ay fair wages. One of the many hacks uber drivers pull is the mystery mess, how they make it look like you just regurgitaated in their car and now they try to snake you out of that money. You can not fight it because uber will believe that you really did make a mess in their car and therefore charge you the money. Riding in uber cabs is like throwing your money in the garbage. There is no way the drivers for uber dont try to get over on you and thats why riding in cabs is always going to be the more long term efficient manner of transportation.

3-Pre-surge cancelling. Ordering your uber to pick you up ust BEFORE the surge will usually guarantee you an unsustainably low taxi fare- incorrect!!! Uber drivers sense when the big rush happens and will guaranteed cancel you whenever they feel that big surge is coming. The best thing to do is to call your local taxi service. This way you know what the fare will be without the driver trying to push the surge on you. Uber can quote a dishonestly cheap fare in hopes of you not looking at your credit card statement at a later time. This creates unusual disruption in your funds because you expected one price and got charged another (much higher one) so to avoid this scam, call a regular yellow cab service and you will avoid all surge pricing.

4-The scenic route- uber passengers beware that when an uber driver takes a scenic route it is usually to make up what you are not paying up front with your fare through the uber app. This happens during slower times when uber drivers know they are not receiving a ping for a long time after they drop you off at your destination. Had you called a cab that quotes a flat price up front (that you control the billing for, and/or pay for with cash up front) you do not have to deal with the hassles of uber drivers taking the long route to jack up your fare. Uber drivers know the company, Uber Technologies is only out to rip them off and not let them even earn minimum wage so they pull some seriously shady techniques to counter act slave wages which uber does pay.

5-Data breaches- The recent news about the uber data breach is NOT an isolated incident. Uber has been routinely feeding YOUR credit card data to Al Queda, Taliban and Isis on a daily and weekly basis. When you give uber your credit card, it is like handing your info over to all those terrorist groups. To avoid this, it is best to pay cash for your your taxi rides and call local servces where you can actually track where your information goes and whom it goes to. If you pay cash, you will have the added security knowing that nobody got your info and now it is being used against you. This is the most explicit reason to always call your local taxi company, using uber will not really save you any money in the long run.

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