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Long Island Nassau County Map for taxi fares calculated at $3/mile, minimum $10

Map of Nassau County Prices for Taxi, Bethpage NY 11714

In order to find the best taxi prices in Bethpage, we need to know where and when to send you the taxi in Bethpage. The Best way of doing this is by clicking the online reservation link to Call Taxi Now all you need to do is enter in your information, where you are and where you are going, as well as when you need your taxi service and we will promptly dispatch you a car. No reservation made too soon. Bethpage Taxi is here for your convenience  24 hours a day 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We're even there for you at New Years Eve at Midnight! We offer reasonable prices and friendly drivers and even have a price table directly on the map, so you can see your price in real distance from Bethpage to anywhere you would like to go, on Long Island, NYC, Westchester, New Jersey, Connecticut, anywhere you an think, Bethpage Taxi and Airport Service will bring you there and back at one very convenient price!

Service to our Local Community i Bethpage NY 11714!!

Bethpage Taxi and Airport Service Offers $0 off the cash price on round trip Airport service to Senior Citizens over 65 years old, Police Officers, Military and Firefighters. We like to give back to those whom serve our local community!

Call us today at 516-652-2353 or BOOK TAXI ONLINE and see why you could be saving money on your prices for cabs in and around the Bethpage Long Island area!

In the last five years, taxi fares have moved all over the place as to what is "fair" So one would ask themselves, hat i fair? Is far having a major corporation dictte what prices are to you? Of course not, they are not familiar with the Bethpage NY area, so they will never know what is far for the taxi price in the Bethpage area, but we follow one rule, if we personally think its fair to get us around. Would you want to charge that price to a family member? If so, then its fair. If not, then we will love to discuss with you what your thoughts are and will be happy to implement your personal ethics into what we find the correct taxi fare to be. After all Bethpage Taxi and Airport Service would be nothing without the clientele riding in our cabs. For that reason, if you ever have any issues with how something is , we will be ah==happy to talk with you about it. We like to be known as the taxi service for the people.